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What The App Offers

Fast Support


Nito is completely anonymous or incog[Nito]. All posts are deleted off the our servers after a 72 hour period - and have no correlation to a users account

Regular Updates


View and post only in your area, ensuring real honest posts with relevent information to your zip code

Clean Code


Choose what you believe are the top posts in your area and vote to see if you can get them to the "top" section

The Team

The People Behind It All

Dexter Kirk


Jordan is a young entreprenur who has founded 2 other successful small buisnesses. One being a game server, and another being a biomentric algorithm . He spends much of his time learning about back end server managment, and learning new coding languages.

Richard Roe


Allan Maman is a Serial Entrepreneur who always likes to get ahead of the game. He created an application called Safe Ride at the age of 15, its an application that prevents texting and driving. hes got many things to do in the next few years, which he knows will be very successful.

Anna Lobzenko


Cooper is a rising real estate manager who has been interested in buisness his whole life. From trading stocks to making apps he spends hours a day working hard to ensure his buisnesses exceed.